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Watch Dragonball Z Online

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If you are looking to download Dragonball Z Episodes or to watch Dragonball Z online, then you may breathe a sigh of relief as you are at the right place. This place is no less than any wonderland for those who are very passionate to download Dragonball Z Episodes. Through this website, you can access all your favorite shows anytime and anywhere you want. You can say that, it is the latest and customized version of TV.

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So just click here to download Dragonball Z Episodes or Watch Dragonball Z Online.

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Dragonball Z: Goku And His Saiyan Connection!

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Goku, our cute little monkey-tailed boy, who goes on a quest to find the seven dragon balls, which can summon a wish granting dragon, when combined together has captured the hearts of all!

112311 0818 DragonballZ1 Dragonball Z: Goku And His Saiyan Connection!

Goku starts his search for these dragons quite early in life, and to conquer them, he undergoes quite rigorous martial arts training too.

As a young adult, Goku happens to meet his brother, Raditz, who reminds him that they are from a nearly extinct race, the Saiyans.

He tells him that theirs’ is an extraterrestrial race, which is made up of fighters and is always thirsty for blood!


He was sent by the tribe to this planet as an infant to conquer this planet, but because of a severe head injury, he forgot everything and started living a normal life.

But his brother came down to remind him of his race as well as his duties.

Saiyans are basically humanoids, who are naturally a very fierce race, and are the most powerful in the Dragon Ball universe.

The race came to an end with a galactic overload, soon after the birth of Goku. Only the members of the Saiyans race could escape this destruction, and these included Goku, his brother Raditz, former Saiyan prince, Vegeta, and his right-hand man, Nappa.

Even after being enlightened by his brother, Goku refuses to destroy the planet and does not accept the evil nature of Saiyans. Not just that, Goku teams up with Piccolo junior to defeat Raditz in his evil attempts.

Goku finishes the whole of the Saiyan race, but in the process finishes off the Planet Namek as well, which was where the Saiyan race lived.

Though Saiyans were wiped off, Goku still remained and fought other battles in order to protect earth.

Watch all the Dragon Ball Z segments anytime, as they are easily available online, and you just can’t afford to miss them.

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The Arrival of Raditz

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Is Dragon Ball Z Kai on the Verge of Ending?

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They say that everything good has an expiry date on itself, and Dragon Ball Z Kai is no exception. Speculations are rife that the series might end, much earlier than expected.

031011 1127 IsDragonBal1 Is Dragon Ball Z Kai on the Verge of Ending?

According to credible sources, the culmination of the adrenaline-pumping adventures of Dragon Ball Z Kai is not too far away. The reason for that is being quoted as a drop in sales figure of the franchise (in Japan). In addition to that, rumors are in circulation that Kai’s slot will be offered to another show titled ‘Toriko’.

A sudden drop in sales figure does not always reflect a permanent trend. There is always a hope that things may be back to normal, especially when a show is as engaging as Dragon Ball Z Kai.

The revamped Dragon Ball Z Kai series has been leveraging the popularity of Japanese station Fuji TV, since April 2009. Later, Funimation decided to present the dubbed version of the show to the American audience, a decision which was followed by expected profits.

In America, the show has been running on Nicktoons since May 2010.

Considering the international acceptability of Dragon Ball Z Kai, the franchise might offer it a well-deserved long run on television.

In nutshell, although clouds threatening the premature ending of Dragon Ball Z Kai are hovering, there is much hope for its complete run.

The animation has to stay on, for it involves fast-paced screenplay. Its three piece theme music has also rubbed captivating magic on the minds of the viewers. With cutting-edge technology and inclusion of more frames, the series has added entertainment to the offer, for viewers.

After reading all this, the forecasters should have only one thing to say about its premature ending: ‘No Way!’

Watch Dragon Ball Z online from us and enjoy the fight in the high-speed streaming that will really take your breath away. Not only is the video streaming fast but it is also in a picture-perfect quality.

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Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Z

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Welcome viewers!

Well, if you’re diehard fans of Dragon Ball Z episodes then today I have some interesting scoop for you!

Guys, recently, I went through one of the interviews of Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series. And from there what I came to know are some interesting secrets about Dragon Ball Z.

121110 1040 AkiraToriya1 Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Z

Yes friends, definitely I will reveal those here.

Additionally, I got to know about the characters with which Toriyama wants to be friend.

So, if you’re all set, here we go!

Well, in one of the questions, Akira Toriyama was asked about the trick to win the battles in Dragon Ball Z series based video games. At this, he replied that it all depends on ‘ki’, of what size it is and the ability to control it. Also, he revealed that it consists of numerous forms, which are energy, bravery & true character. “You can only train your muscles to a certain point, it’s ‘ki’ that carries you beyond that and what helped Goku come closer to being the strongest warrior in the universe.”, said Toriyama

So friends, now you know how important ‘ki’ is, in order to win the game. Well, if you are planning to play the game, just wait! It’s because you should first watch Dragon Ball Z episodes online from here, so as to get acquainted to the moves, strengths and weakness of the characters. I am sure that it will help you a lot.

Now talking about the second thing that I got to know about dragon ball Z & Toriyama are, favorite characters of the creator. Well, Toriyama wants to be friend with Bulma. Though she is self-centered, but she can provide his friend the Air Car and other cool gadgets.

Further, there are four more guys Toriyama is crazy about – Gohan, Dende, Roshi and Krillin. Well, if these characters seem appealing to you as well, then what are you thinking? Just grab a Dragon Ball Z download from here and delve into the fantastic terrains of mesmerizing Dragon Ball Z world.

You must go for the show in order to come across its fascinating story and mind-blowing action. So catch Dragon Ball Z online from here & Enjoy!

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Right now you must be busy with the episodes of Dragon Ball Z: Kai, which aired recently on Nicktoons. In other words, the most successful manga series from Japan has entered America, in English! There are lots of fans around the world who look for Dragon Ball Z download. But I want to ask one thing, do they have the two ‘specials’ of Dragon Ball Z?

Yes guys, if you are unaware of the fact, then lemme tell you, that after finishing 291 episodes on April 7, 2003, Dragon Ball Z came up with two specials called, ‘Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks’, which were released on February 19, 2008. These series were based on the characters of Dragon Ball Z episodes, but were given a different touch.

070510 1856 WatchSpecia1 Watch ‘Specials’ From Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Bardock

I know, you’re excited to known about the series! So, I won’t disappoint you! So, here goes

Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, is a special that revolves around the Bardock. He embarks on a mission to Planet Kanassa, to destroy all life on the planet. While winning over the planet, Toolo gifts him a power to see the future. With the power, he finds that his planet Vegeta, is destroyed by Frieza.

The story moves on, where Bardock tries to save his planet from Frieza. When you watch Dragon Ball Z online, don’t forget to catch the action of Bardock and Frieza.

The second special that is Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, starts on a sad note. It shows the death of Goku, with a viral heart illness. After 13 years of Goku’s death, Gohan and the Trunks appear. After being defeated by Androids several times, he trains Trunks who wish to defend Earth!

If you watch Dragon Ball Z, you will come across some fierce action and unbelievable stunts. But, both the specials are pretty different from what you see in a regular show.

I am not saying that it is entirely different, obviously they do have some link with the show, but they’re more than just action and dialogues.

Try these specials along with Dragon Ball Z show, for some special fun.